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If you’ve ever started a sailing race you’ll know how challenging it is juggling clip boards for boat registration, starting stop watches, switching lights, sounding horns, etc, etc. No wonder it’s often difficult to encourage club members to help with OOD (Officer of the Day) duties. SailStart has been designed to take the stress out of running a sailing race, encourage participation in race control and ensure the race always goes ahead.

One push of a button automatically controls:

  • The 5 minute start sequence
  • Countdown timing
  • Swiching light s on/off
  • Sounding horns
  • Race timing
  • Finish time recording

Key Benefits of SailStart Race Control

Automatic Start Sequence

Our control system simplifies race management. With a single button press, it automatically initiates a the Racing Rules of Sailing 5 min countdown sequence. It activates lights and horn signals at he appropriate times and then starts the race timer. This allows officers to focus on boats crossing the line and enjoy a stress-free experience.

Store up to 20 finishing times

One button press from the Officer of the day sounds the horn and records a finish time so they can focus on boats crossing the line. Later transfering the finishing times to their Sailwave or other race software system at their leisure

Simple & Robust

Built to withstand harsh conditions in an impact-resistant polypropylene (PP) case to withstand knocks, bumps, and splashes, it's perfect for boats, clubhouses or start huts. Quality components ensure longevity for years of reliable performance.

Intergrates with exisiting equipment or Sailstart accessories

External connectors control lights and/or horns that are already installed on sailing club race control rooms or committee boats via SailStarts internal switching relays. Alterntively Sailstart can provide light poles and horn packs that simply plug in to the control box.

Colour coded tacktile buttons

Making race control as easy as possible Sailstart is supplied with colour coded buttons so you'll easily see which which button to press. However, clear text is engraved on the control panel too so there is never any confusion.

Accurate race finish times

Sailstart has a 'Real Time Clock' module to ensure accurate time control. Finish times are recorded to tenths of a second.

Recall penalty notification

If a boat crosses the start line too early there's no need for the officer to panic. Just press SailStarts recall button once and the recall sound signal and light will automatically be activated. Once the boat has taken their penalty press the recall button again and the signal is cancelled

Mains or 12v supply

Sailstart is able to be powered by a standard 240v socket via it's power supply or from a committee boats 12v power supply. Alternatively, it can be powered from the Sailstart battery supply pack.

Your One-Stop Solution for Sailing Race Control!

Our SailStart Race Control Box is the perfect companion for race organisers, yacht clubs, and sailing enthusiasts alike. With its advanced features and intuitive design, it takes the hassle out of race management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: the thrill of the competition. Let us show you how this incredible device can transform your sailing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SailStart Control Box work?

Our SailStart Control Box utilises advanced electronic technology to automate key race control functions. It connects to the sailing club lighting system and/or horns using internal switching relays to control them, allowing you to relax and enjoy the race. Alternatively it can be supplied with plu and play SailStart lighting and sound accessories to ensure you have all the options you need on the water or in the start hut.

Can the SailStart Control Box be customised for different race formats?

Quite possibly! We have written our own control coding which might be modified to suite your specific requirements of your race format. Please contact us to ask if you have a specific need.

Is the SailStart Box easy to install and operate?

Yes, it is! We have designed our control box to be user-friendly and hassle-free. Installation should be straightforward for most existing equipment, and the intuitive interface makes it easy to operate.

Can the SailStart Control Box be used for other water sports events?

While our Electronic Control Box is primarily designed for sailing races, it could be used for various other sports events that would benefit from the 5 min start sequence. Whether it’s a swim meet, wind-surfing regatta, or any activity that requires precise timing and control, our device is up to the task.

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